Peter Shear

image: Pulp, 2016


8/6/16 Cold Summer, The Provincial, Kaleva, Michigan

7/16/16 GOOD BAD BRUSH: Peter Shear & Matthew Wong, Occasional Gallery, Burlington, Washington

7/14/16 Basic Instinct: Peter Shear & Ellen Siebers, FJORD, Philadelphia

6/20-6/30/16 Julie Alexander, Melanie Parke, Peter Shear, Neon Heater, Findlay, Ohio

6/16 Breezeway Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana

3/5/16 Katelyn Eichwald & Peter Shear, Alter Space, San Francisco

2/26/16 Peter Shear: Family Resemblance, ATM, Austin

2/26/16 Mother Popcorn, Big Medium-Canopy, Austin

10/16/15 The Black & White Project, Sluice Art Fair, London

10/6/15 Peer Review, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London

10/2/15 More or Less: Jessica Simorte, Max Manning, Peter Shear, Front/Space, Kansas City, MO

4/10/15 Drops of Jupiter: Chino Amobi, Katrina Fimmel, Alicia Gibson, Irena Jurek, Michael Pybus, Peter Shear, and Talia Shulze, Bannerette, Brooklyn

3/6/15 Physical Comedy: Katherine Bradford, Rick Briggs, Keith Allyn Spencer, and Julie Torres; curated by Peter Shear, General Public Collective, Indianapolis

11/7/14 - 11/22/14 Basic Bitches: Katrina Fimmel, Michael Pybus, Peter Shear, Talia Shulze, Skylab, Columbus, Ohio

10/18/14 - 11/15/14 My Big Fat Painting; curated by Rick Briggs, Brian Morris Gallery, New York

9/29/14 - 10/23/14 I'm Jealous of Your Failure; curated by Trew Schriefer, University of Illinois-Springfield Visual Arts Gallery

9/19/14 - 9/21/14 EDITION Chicago: Lauren Clay, Stacy Fisher, Peter Shear, LVL3, Chicago

8/23/14 Brute Moderates: works by Clinton King & Peter Shear, Firework Space, Brooklyn