peter shear
recent and upcoming

5/31/13 - 6/30/13 What I Like About You; organized by Julie Torres, Parallel Art Space, Brooklyn

6/7/13 A country road. A tree. Evening.; curated by Sean Robert FitzGerald, FJORD, Philadelphia

6/23/13 - 7/21/13 Reason & Romance; curated by Alain Biltereyst, 6b Gallery, Elingen, Belgium

7/18/13 Haunted House: Peter Shear / Ellen Siebers, Pier 1218, Madison, WI

9/6/13 - 10/6/13 DRAGON EXPRESS (solo), Welcome Screen, London

10/25/13 - 11/15/13 The Double Down: Tomer Aluf, Rachel Malin, Peter Shear; curated by Trudy Benson and Jason Stopa, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn

2/7/14 Slow Jam (solo), The Artifex Guild, Bloomington, IN

3/14 The Thing of it Is: Steve Gibson, Carlson Hatton, Richard Hull, John Mills, Peter Shear; curated by Steve Gibson, Curating Contemporary

3/28/14 hArts for Art 5, LVL3, Chicago

5/14 Casting (solo), Big Medium at Bolm, Austin